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Jon Carroll & Jessie Crouch

December 30, 2011

When they were 14 and 15, West Virginia natives Jessie and Jon met at a county fair. While riding the Ferris wheel, the teens started chatting, exchanging numbers before the night came to an end. The pair got to be friends, and stayed as such throughout middle school, high school, and most of college. During Jon’s senior year and Jessie’s junior, however, that platonic relationship took a turn toward the romantic, and the two began dating. In 2004, after graduating from college, Jon moved to Charleston, and Jessie followed suit just one year later. Six years after that, Jon borrowed a friend’s boat to take Jessie out on an evening cruise around the Charleston Harbor, where he proposed. The couple’s ceremony is planned for March 23, 2013.
Photo Credit: Kristin Burke Photography