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Jataura Smith & Tyree White

May 9, 2012

Lowcountry natives Jataura, of Hollywood, and Tyree, of Awendaw, met at a high school football game. Eager to introduce her new beau to the family, Jataura invited him to her Thanksgiving supper. While there, her grandmother told Tyree, “You aren’t going anywhere”—a prediction that proved to be true. Nine years later, in May 2012, Tyree, who works for the Carolina Panthers, asked Jataura to be his date to a special awards ceremony for the team. The ceremony, however, turned out to be “just a ploy to get me to Charlotte,” (where Tyree then lived), Jataura explains. Once she had arrived, Tyree led Jataura out on his patio, which he had covered with photographs taken throughout their relationship. After dinner (which was fixed by Tyree), he showed her one last image—a photo from that first Thanksgiving together—then dropped to one knee and proposed, to which Jataura said “Yes!” The couple will marry on April 13, 2013 and live in Hollywood. Photograph courtesy of couple