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George Bunch & Megan Diminich

August 15, 2012

Myrtle Beach native Megan and George, of Lynchburg, Virginia, met in 2006 at the Lost Dog Café on Folly Beach, where Megan then worked as a server. Though he frequented the diner, it took George two years to ask her out, “Although I’m certain he liked me longer,” Megan adds. After a first date (dinner at Cypress) the two began dating, and Megan says that since, they have been able to “watch each other blossom and find our niche in life”—George by starting his own estimating company and Megan by realizing her dream of working in healthcare. Four years after that first date, the couple returned to Folly for what Megan thought was an evening out to play with their dog, Samantha. “I was throwing the ball into the ocean for her, and turned around to find George on one knee with a ring in his hand,” Megan describes. After Megan said “yes,” the couple returned home to John’s Island, where George surprised his bride-to-be with fireworks and a celebration with their friends. “It was so romantic and perfect,” says Megan. The couple will wed on May 25, 2013.