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Dena Piecuch & Jeffrey Metzler

March 14, 2012


Jeffrey, a student at MUSC studying for his Doctorate of Physical Therapy, met Dena, a key leader at lululemon athetica, by happy yet clumsy incident (on his part!). On Jeffrey’s first day coaching at a crossfit gym, he bumped into fellow gym-goer Dena—literally bumped into her, spilling a protein shake all over. The spill, however, didn’t scare Dena off; instead, the two got to talking. The new friends soon teamed up, running the 2010 Cooper River Bridge Run together, and shared their first kiss after completing the 10K race. The proposal came two years later. Dena says that March 14, or “Pi Day” (3/14), has always been a favorite of hers since her last name starts with the letters—a fact Jeffrey clearly knows well. So on “Pi Day” 2012, he took Dena to the Land Conversancy behind Mount Pleasant Water Works to watch the sunset. When Dena was occupied, busy taking pictures of the marsh, Jeffery said, “I need to talk to you about something when you get done with that.” Dena turned around to see him bent on one knee, a diamond ring in his hand. And, of course, she said “YES!” Dena, of Avoca, Michigan, and Jeffrey, of Columbia, South Carolina, will marry March 9, 2013.