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David Myer & Sarah Roshfeld

December 13, 2012

In summer 2011, Sarah, of Rockville, Maryland, was out for happy hour on East Bay Street when mutual friends introduced her to Boynton Beach, Florida, native David. Two weeks later, the pair bumped into each other again, this time at the downtown cigar bar Club Habana. Sarah, who was planning a boat cruise for an upcoming weekend, used the encounter to make a sales pitch. Already convinced she was “the one” for him, David quickly bought his ticket to the event. Smart move, seeing as shortly after the cruise they began dating. Just before Hanukkah a year and four months later, Sarah got home from work to find David waiting anxiously for her at the front door. Immediately, he suggested they light the menorah and exchange gifts. After David unwrapped his new tea strainer—“a gift that now pales in comparison!” laughs Sarah—it was Sarah’s turn to open her gift: a bottle of diamond cleaner. Baffled by the present, she said, “This is so sweet, but you know I don’t own any real diamonds.” David’s response? Taking a knee, he told her that from the first day they met he knew that they would be together, then proposed. The Charleston residents will wed October 20, 2013 at the Pavilion at Pepper Plantation in Awendaw.

Photograph by Nikki Burch