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Coleman Hodges & Shannon Vaughn

February 4, 2012

When Mount Pleasant native Coleman and Shannon, of North Charleston, met during spring break in the Florida Keys, they instantly hit it off (despite Coleman having a girlfriend at the time). Shannon says she retuned home from the trip, gushing to her mother about the older college boy who she just knew loved her. And eight months later—sans the aforementioned girlfriend—Coleman proved Shannon’s assumption to be true by asking her to his fraternity’s “mountain weekend” date party. It was there, in the mountains of North Carolina, where they shared their first kiss. Shannon says that throughout their two-year courtship, she dropped many a hint that, Coleman “was not to propose to me on any holiday. I wanted the day that we got engaged to be a holiday in and of itself.” And her man definitely took the hint—just not exactly in the way she had intended. Seeing it as the perfect way to surprise his soon bride-to-be, Coleman proposed on Valentines Day 2012. Shannon describes the proposal as the moment Coleman “officially made [her] the happiest girl in the world.” The couple plan to wed on April 6, 2013.
Photo Credit: Manukin Photography