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Chinyere Stinson & Johnnie Watson

May 21, 2012

It was while crashing a Regions Bank networking event in 2003 that Chinyere met Johnnie. Wanting to mingle with new people (and score some free wine), Chinyere and a friend pretended to be new employees at the bank. While there, she started chatting with Johnnie, of who she now says, “I can truly say, he’s my best friend!” Chinyere says that though they broke up once along the way, they had been dating for four years straight when the proposal came early one May morning. Chinyere woke up to the sound of mumbling and a tapping on her shoulder, which she says she shrugged off, wanting to sleep longer. The sound of a jewelry box snapping shut, however, had her wide-eyed in seconds. Upon opening her eyes, she saw a small box in Johnnie’s outstretched hand. She recounts, “I jumped up out of bed, took the retainer out my mouth, fixed my hair, and with a big smile said, ‘Ask me again!”’ So Johnnie did, this time on one knee, and Chinyere ecstatically answered “yes!” The Charlotte residents plan to marry in Charleston in March 2013. (Photo courtesy of the couple)