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Cameron Baker & Megan Smith

December 23, 2011


Megan and Cameron’s meeting story is “a tiny bit embarrassing” on her end, warns the bride-to-be. Before an oyster roast she’d RSVPed to attend, Summerville native Megan spent some time scoping out the event’s invite list on Facebook. It was there, on the “Planning to Attend” list, that she spotted Cameron, of Johns Island, for the first time. Seeing their lengthy group of “Mutual Friends,” Megan reached out to one, letting him know that first, she thought Cameron was “super cute,” and second, that she “wouldn’t be upset if he let him know,” a move Megan describes as “planting the seed.” Taking the hint, their mutual friend Joe relayed the message, and later that day Cameron sent Megan a message saying hello. The following afternoon the two had their first date (shooting skeet at Cameron’s parents’ house), and say that since then they’ve been inseparable. Three years later, on December 23, 2011, the pair exchanged Christmas gifts a day earlier than usual. Though Megan admits that she was expecting a diamond ring, after unwrapping her stocking stuffers and the big gift from Cameron (“a closet organizer—score!”), she was ringless, and texted her best friend Emily a simple “nope.” Meanwhile, as Megan was busy texting her disappointment, Cameron snuck off to the kitchen. He then called to her to come check something out. When Megan entered, Cameron was down on one knee, ready with a ring and accompanying proposal, to which, of course, Megan, said, “Yes!” The couple plans to marry March 30, 2013.

Photograph by: Taken by the couple