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Barbie Kolar & Brian Schreiner

February 27, 2012

Both born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, Barbie and Brian have been friends for a long, long time. They knew each other in high school and kept in touch in college, too. Things started to change, however, during the spring of 2007 when Brian took a trip to Chicago. Though there for a bachelor party, Brian went out of his way to spend some time with Barbie, who was living there at the time. She soon returned the favor and flew to see him in here Charleston. Sparks inevitably flew (it is a romantic place, our town, after all), the pair began dating, and in short order, Barbie traded the Windy City for the Holy City. Flash forward five years later and on an ordinary Monday night, Barbie returned to the West Ashley home she shares with Brian to find it filled with hundreds of flickering candles. After a bended-knee proposal, the couple toasted with champagne and dined on a homemade dinner. The pair plans to wed on April 12, 2013 at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in West Ashley. Afterward, a reception will be held at Hibernian Hall. 
Photograph by Captured By Kate