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Andrea Elizabeth Horath & Johnathan Stanford White

September 3, 2011

Johnathan met Andrea when the two joined the College of Charleston’s concert choir. Their friendship grew until Johnathan professed his love and they began dating. Three years later, Johnathan called Andrea, and, knowing she was at her house, asked her look in her bedroom. There she found a single rose with a note directing her to follow a series of clues. “Perhaps there will be a surprise at the end,” he wrote. The hints took Andrea on a tour of 11 sites around Charleston that had significant meaning the couple. The last one led her to Pitt Street and told her to “Turn around ...” When she did Johnathan was there waiting. He got down on one knee and, as a carriage tour passed by, asked, “My life, my love, my heartbeat, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?” Andrea’s response? “Of course, silly. Yes!” The couple plans to wed in March 2013 at St. Philips Episcopal Church downtown.

Photograph by Sara Grant