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Amanda Hetue & William "Mac" MacVittie

May 5, 2012

A mutual friend’s suggestion of, “Y’all would be perfect for each other!” proved to be oh-so-true for William “Mac” MacVittie, a pilot then stationed in Kuwait, and Amanda Hetue, an elementary school teacher in Charleston. This casual comment jump-started months of email correspondence between Mac and Amanda, so much so that by the time Mac’s squadron returned stateside and he was able to take Amanda out on their first date, Amanda says she felt extremely comfortable around him. She also admits being pleasantly surprised that he was “just as intelligent, thoughtful, and quick-witted as he was in his emails!” Fourteen months later, after a night of fun at Party at the Point, Mac suggested a sunrise walk on Sullivan’s Island. Amanda says that since the sun wasn’t up yet, she dozed off a little on the beach, but Mac nudged her awake minutes before it rose. It was then that Mac dropped to one knee, and Amanda realized that the whole setup wasn’t just another one of Mac’s usual romantic stunts—it was the real deal. Mac couldn’t have chosen a more perfectly timed proposal, either, as the sun burst through the clouds the moment after Amanda replied with a resounding “YES!” The couple, who now lives in St. Louis, Missouri, will wed at Dunes West on March 16, 2013.

Photograph taken by couple