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Natural Defense
The Coastal Conservation League celebrates its first 20 years

As the American colonies rebelled against England, a father and son found themselves battling for personal emancipation

As the nation’s first archaeologist, Lowcountry native John Izard Middleton made history even as he was recording it

Read the romantic sagas of three legendary local couples— the Dawsons, the Heywards, and the Warings— whose shared passions helped rewrite the course of history

Before bridges criss-crossed the Lowcountry, boats transported residents from town to beach and countryside

A revered family, a renowned plantation, and a reclaimed legacy are the ties that bind at the Middleton family reunion

Sprouts & Krauts’ quick and healthy fare drew loyal fans to Marion Square Mall

How one woman’s final act of generosity transformed her family’s beloved farm into a future county park

The trailblazing Dart family turned the page on education and literacy for local Afican-Americans

Replicating Holy City style was all the rage in the '30s and '40s

From dancing children to local notables, sculptor Willard Hirsch helped shape the city

It just might be the most unusual—and enjoyable—of all Charleston creations. 

Can you imagine Charleston without ornamental wrought iron?

On the banks of the Cooper River lies Magnolia Cemetery, or the Garden of the Dead, where ancient oaks drip moss over funerary sculptures and grand mausoleums honoring powerful Holy City families, hundreds of Confederate soldiers, even the Hunley heroes. On October 25, Historic Charleston Foundation leads a sunset Tour de Graves - here's a preview of six of the intriguing stops

The law says “lights out” during nesting season, but all things loggerhead are in the limelight as this beloved  yet threatened species mounts a comeback—we hope

The “glorious” homecoming of the 54th Massachusetts’ Sergeant Joseph H. Barquet

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