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I, along with over half of the stylista's in this city, am highly anticipating the arrival of the 1970's vintage Airstream motor home that will bring the alice + olivia tour to beautify America right outside of Caviar & Bananas this Saturday  from 5-9pm. I'm counting the days! Margaret Seeley Furniss, owner of Caviar & Bananas shares in this sentiment, "We are excited just to have alice + olivia here in Charleston but the best part is that they've agreed to donate a portion of the proceeds from the event to Feed the Need which is a charity that we are actively involved with."  Feed the Need is a coalition of 52 restaurants, caterers and hoteliers who have rallied to help feed the hungry, organized by Mickey Bakst of Charleston Grill at Charleston Place Hotel.  Of course, this charitable element raises the glam bar even higher. Did I mention the bus will come with a crew of stylist ready to work one on one with people who need a fashion fix all right outside on the Airstream! Inside, Caviar & Bananas will hosting a cocktail party and trunk show while the Stella Nova crew will be on hand serving up their fabulous "beauty bar". This is a NOT to be missed fashion event! Seriously, a vintage Airstream? Beyond chic! 

With all of the buzz surrounding the tour, I checked in with Stacey Bendet, the designer/founder behind the alice + olivia label, to get the inside scoop!

CM: What inspired you to kick off a summer tour?

SB: I wanted to be in a rock band. But I can’t sing or play the guitar so we tour clothes instead of music....

CM: How did you decide on what destinations for the tour? and the Airstream mobile home?

SB: We focused on cities and towns with stores/boutiques that we have sold to for years and we based the projects in each place on the needs of that area.

CM: What's the overall goal for the tour and your vision for the outcome?

SB: Well, it’s partially about branding and styling and partially about empowering women, inspiring women, and being inspired in each place we visit.

CM: Describe your personal style?

SB: Sort of like one of those japanimation cartoon characters.

CM: What's your personal key fashion item currently? or your everyday uniform looking like?

SB: I am really into socks this week. Striped ones. With sandals. I don't really have a uniform. My outfits can be anywhere from hippie chic in a long halter dress to crazy punk in neons and leather.

CM: You've conquered yoga wear, make-up & shoes; what's your next collaboration goal?

SB: I haven’t conquered shoes!!! I am working on shoes now and they will be out for spring. I am really excited about them.

CM: What alice + olivia staple should every girl have in their wardrobe for summer?

SB: One of our printed dresses and all of our basic tees!!!! And our beaded shrug. I love our beaded shrug.

CM: What is on your inspiration wall these days?

SB: An Yves Klein table. I love the bright blue pigment. As for the “wall'” I do notebooks and I am working on a lot of beautiful floral prints.

CM: What's your number 1 tip for emerging designers?

SB: Have a focus!!! You have to figure out one item or concept to me known for to start out with....

CM: A few seasons back the alice + olivia show during NYFW featuring the Plasticines was my favorite presentation of the week! How much does music influence your brand and thinking outside the box?

SB: That was in September and one of my favorite shows. I love those girls. Music totally influences my mood which influences design.

CM: What are your plans for alice + olivia post tour?

SB: I think we’ll all need naps.

If you want to know more about the tour, check out the a+o blog , follow on facebook and twitter!