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Last Friday evening, I popped over to The Fashion Installation just in time for the last bit of the competition. The Art Institute of Charleston Fashion Club “Mode” presented their Inaugural Fashion Show and Silent Auction, which showcased pieces constructed from innovative mediums, such as paper, plastic, wood, and more—all competing for Best Design. Just as I was slipping in, they announced the winner, first-year student Lois Lewis, who received $100 and a trophy. Chesney Benson was named winner of the stylist competition. The silent auction featured some accessory pieces from Shanata Carn-Hall of Reflections African Jewelry, Lynn Riding and Kimberly P. McHenry-Williams, Ashley Reid, and a few others. So nice to see this younger fashion generation making their own waves on the scene! 


Demetrius Washington, one of the event organizers. 

and the winner is...