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Friday's Familiar Strangers art opening at Eye Level Art brought together five graffiti artists from 4 different states, art patrons and top notch street style.  Art was on display from Bigfoot, El Kamino, Chip 7, Patrick Griffin and Charleston's own heavy hitter Ishmael, of who I was fortunate enough to snag a free print available to show goers. It was a cultural awakening of sorts delivering paintings, photos, film and even 3-D art  (with 3-D glasses provided) of which I could barely pull myself away from... well that is until I saw the fashions sported by many of the art lovers. Speaking of, don't forget to take a look at the Street Style gallery from this event. Even though he was shy to a camera (hey, I get it), I did have a brief moment to chat with Ishmael as I was just about to leave and he was full of gratitude uttering thank you as every other word in his conversation. No, thank you! This goes down in my  book as one of the coolest nights in our local art world!