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Witnessing Spoleto's Corella Ballet left me speechless. Keep in mind that I am a total sucker for dance! I just LOVE it and there is an underlying sense of glamour in the art! The choreography went from classic traditional ballet, then Spanish influence to modern contemporary movements in this three part performance. The beauty of it all got me a little emotional. I will admit that I almost shed a tear in some moments but the highlight for me was, of course, the costumes. Layered tutus with multi-colored tulle and the fashion forward finale looks that felt like we had all been sent through a time machine into the future! Bravo!


The style continued at the official Spoleto Cast Party for The Medium and Corella Ballet!  Held at the President's House at the College of Charleston, this outdoor fête was nothing shy of charming. Once again I spotted more of what is looking to be Spoleto's leading fashion trend- pattern-on-pattern and caught a glimpse of the dancer's style as they glided by for some post performance party favors. 


Katherine is on trend with her pattern-on-pattern ensemble. 

Spoleto Scene PR Girls sporting the print trend seen so much this year at the Festival!

Emilie of the Corella Ballet combines great lilac and yellow hues with hot nude peep-toe pumps!

Yes - plumes! Bev Seinsheimer in custom Mary Porter Design.