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There are people in this world who have never celebrated Halloween and I am one of them. So when I went to the Skinful event I had very little idea of what to expect. In hindsight, you couldn't have even told me what to expect because it's all so unpredictable and quite honestly unexplainable! Coming from my perspective, this idea of dressing up in costumes is an "anything goes" type of situation giving people the freedom to lose their inhibitions (and their clothes- literally)! I arrived on a shuttle bus (couldn't drive there) to what looked like 15 acres of party, with tent after tent, lights, sounds and my biggest nightmare- WOODS! Yes this festival of sorts took place amongst the trees, down dark paths, rocky walkways and  torch lit corners. Was I scared? YES! I was clinging to every familiar face I could find which was a challenge because it was dark and everyone was in a costume! I kept waiting to hear chainsaws and blood curdling screams. However none of that ever came to fruition. In fact, I spent the evening documenting some of my favorite costumes (I even saw someone costumed with stilts towering above the crowds from a distance) and dancing under the stars on illuminated dance-floors with laser light-shows creating patterns on the trees. Beautiful! 


I did manage in all of the darkness to capture a few highlights in this short clip!


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