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The year is off to a very stylish start! Just in time for Valentines Day, Memminger Auditorium welcomes the Sale Soiree and Fashion Show on January 27th from 7 - 10 pm! Oh the goodies! Yes, this event is wall to wall retailers, local designers, accessories and fashion shows. Dress to impress as they will be naming and giving a prize to the most "fashionable filly"! Not to mention my Street Style video cam will be on hand. Don't forget it's always glamorous to give back so you can enjoy guilt-free shopping as 100% of the donations given during this event will benefit People Against Rape!

Along with fashionable merrymaking,  gathering of style mavens and discounted wares, the Sale Soiree will debut a new collection by local designer duo Gil Tisdale & Dominique Verona. In the midst of hectic preparations for their presentation I snagged an opportunity to conduct a fun Q&A with the pair behind the line Tisdale & Verona:

AL: How did this collaboration come together and when?

T&V: We met each other two and a half years ago working in design and have slowly but surely been combining Dominique's technical prowess with my art background to create a collection that highlights both of our creative approaches.  We balance each other out perfectly as designers-one of us starting an idea and the other tweaking and finishing it up seamlessly.
AL: Describe each others personal style.
Gil on Dominique:  Dominique has a great eye for color and pattern that is very globally-acquired.  From growing up in Europe and traveling, she has worked out this great collected look.  I love it when she pairs a softer dress with a strong leather belt and boots, then throws on some fun, feminine jewelry to finish it off.  For her, it’s all centered around contrast and juxtaposition.  
Dominique on Gil:  Gil has this fun mystique that leaves you to wanting to know more about him.  He loves finding clothes and repurposing them.  You will find him turning a vest inside out because he loves the fabric inside more, and it ends up looking like it was always meant to be that way.  He's got a great eye for combining textures and styles and makes it look effortless.  He has a good confidence, but presents it in a very approachable way.
 AL: What is your design philosophy?
T&V: We create pieces that blend excitement with practicality.  We play with unexpected color and pattern combinations while keeping the cuts wearable, so that the pieces are feminine and classic, but with a quirk.
 AL: What's on your mood/inspiration board?
T&V: Photographs of turn of the century eastern European clothing, an array of ethnic-inspired prints, good neutral foundation colors with pops of bold pink and coral-orange, and a wide mix of textures from casual to formal.  Think “From Russia with a Wink.”
AL: Who do you see wearing your clothes?
T&V: Women who are modern and internationally-minded, who want to express a very unique sense of style while still looking effortless.

AL: If you had your pick of celeb who would you dress?
DV:  Rachel Zoe, Nicole Richie
GT:  Rihanna
AL: What are your feelings on Charleston's Fashion and Design Community?
T&V: For a smaller area, the arts community is very power-packed and prevalent so there is a lot of great opportunity to launch a career in design.  Charleston Fashion Week is an amazing avenue to national exposure and it’s exciting to us to practically have the whole world of fashion in our backyard each spring!
AL: How did you get involved with the Sale Soiree?
T&V: Dominique’s experience in clothing design is to thank for us getting phone call to participate.  We saw it as perfect timing to showcase our new line together.
AL: What can we expect to see in your runway presentation?
T&V: You will see a rich blend of pieces, from separates to fun dresses, telling a story of transition from late winter to spring.  There will be shots of warm brights and fun pattern combinations.
AL: What is your signature item for Fall/Winter?
DV:  Black leather boots with a flat heel and a multi-colored crocheted scarf.
GT:  Cream colored leather motorcycle jacket and vintage ankle boots.

AL: What's one trend you will never follow?
DV:  extreme platform sneakers
GT:  Excessive logos and/or wording on clothing.
AL: Who are your style icons?
DV:  Gwen Stefani and Diane von Furstenberg
GT:  Marc Jacobs, Kelly Wearstler, and my friends
AL: If you had a fashion reality show what would it be called?
T&V: In Stitches
AL: What's next on the horizon?
T&V: We want to continue pushing our line and challenging our creative process in hopes of applying for Emerging Designer’s Southeast in 2012 and really working it out!


For $10 advance tickets to the Sale Soiree click here or you can pay $15 at the door.