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In the midst of Charleston Fashion Week planning I took a night off last Wednesday  to head to Miami for the Red Bull Art of Can Gala! As soon as I landed in South Beach I had less than an hour to get dressed and hit the tents for this night of art and innovation! In this video blog you will see the highlights of Art of Can featuring Red Bull can artistry and couture designs with special guest designer, Mychael Knight!  It took a two part video to show all of the action, comedy, and entertainment this non-stop night had to offer and you get to follow along as I spend one night and day in the world of Mychael Knight just before he heads to Charleston Fashion Week to unveil his new Fall 2010 collection!









Red Bull's Art of Can proved to be a great collaboration between art and design community's from all over the nation using the red bull can as their muse. The temporary exhibit runs from March 3 - 14th presenting 42 pieces selected  through a juried process from more than 400 applicants from 23 states and 7 different countries! 



Before it's too late, make sure you purchase your tickets to check out Mychael Knights debut collection, Wednesday March 17th! Go to and purchase tickets online for the entire week as there is no night to be missed!