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It was such an honor when Andrew Petersen, Charleston's lead make-up artist for the Internationally known Trish McEvoy beauty line, asked me to co-host the Gorgeous Red Lip Color launch party! I am a huge supporter of Lowcountry AIDS Services(LAS) who happens to benefit from each sale of this lip color specifically designed for this purpose.

This couldn't come at a better time as the bold red lip is the leading make-up trend seen all over the runways and fashion magazine pages! This is the first charitable effort of this nature for this renowned make-up line and I love that it lands right here in Charleston! In preparation for this upcoming bash, I had the opportunity to interview Trish McEvoy and get the details on her involvement and expert make up tips peppered in with a bit of fun girl talk:

CM: I know that you have a deep rooted love for make-up artistry that started at a very young age. Can you describe to me a little bit about your passion for this industry and why you love what you do.

TM: Yes, makeup was my passion from early early on. And you know, I feel everyday so lucky to be in the business of making women look good, and feel good. I mean, what could be more joyful then this business?

CM: You also have a popular book out, Trish McEvoy: The Power of Makeup. What prompted you to go in this direction?

TM: I always felt that, while reaching out to my clients, that they had so many questions on makeup and really understanding even the basics of makeup and what it can do for you, the tools, which tools to use, and what’s the proper skin-care routine. There are so many questions and that is what ultimately led me to The Power of Makeup.

CM: What kind of reaction have you had from your fans and those women who love your makeup line? Have you seen or heard any feedback from them personally?

TM: We get that feedback daily when we are on a personal appearance, if I am in a store, or if I am visiting one of our counters. What I love about women is they are always willing to share and they are always looking to tell you what they love, ideas that they have, where they struggle with makeup application and where you can help them. There is nothing that bonds women together like makeup when you think about it.

CM: This is so true!

TM: It is common ground!

CM: It is common ground. I would have to agree with you 100%. And I think what you are doing and the way you are presenting it is really changing lives because, when you feel like you look good you tend to feel good!

TM: Exactly, exactly. Think about it like a rainy day…when you get up in the morning and it is so gloomy, sometimes the natural reaction is ‘Oh well I am just going to wear a pair of pants I don’t care about or a shirt I don’t care about or shoes I don’t care about because it is so gloomy’ and you know its almost as if you are making more gloom happen. Whereas if you look at the rainy day and just say, ‘You know what? This is the day I am going to take a few more minutes to pick out the outfit that makes me feel fabulous and put on the lip color that is a little brighter than I normally wear.' Its like everything will instantly brighten your spirits as you go through that rainy day no matter what else is going on around you.

CM: I want to talk a little bit about the gorgeous red lip color. Your products are sold worldwide, how did you come to decide to partner with Lowcountry Aids Services and to produce the Gorgeous Red Lip Color?

TM: Well, Andrew came to me wanting to partner with Lowcountry Aids Foundation. Andrew has been part of my team for so long and I wanted to do this for him because it really meant a lot to him. On the cover of Power of Makeup is a red lip color, and it is a gorgeous collection. It is one of these lip colors, these textures that you know when you put it on, if you just put on a light layer of the lipstick you can still build onto it. You put on one light layer and it will look to be one way as far as the intensity of the color and if you just put it on a second time over that you are building on the intensity. Having that type of flexibility in a formula is great, because depending on how dressed up you want to make that lip color look, on you… you know it will depend on the intensity that you apply it. In coming up with the color red...I mean...doesn’t every woman need one perfect red? And this is such a wearable red.

CM: I think it is going to inspire a lot of women to try a red lip. Sometimes I think women can be intimidated about a red lip.

TM: Sure, well you know red, and you know so much of it has to do with the texture of the lip color, the way you are applying it. Even when working with a red lip color, I still love working with a nude lip liner that matches your lip and then apply the lipstick so that the red looks really natural on. It just looks fabulous!

CM: Besides the gorgeous red lip color which else would you say should be on every ladies fall wish list from your line? Is there one basic thing that we need to all purchase for fall that can get us started and get us ready for this colder, chillier season?

TM: I think that if you look at three or four items that are very important for this season one would be mascara – really making sure that your lashes are the fullest that they can be. My lash curling mascara is great because they just really stand up unbelievably well, with so much emphasis on the lash. I reference mine and the fact that it doesn’t smudge, it doesn’t move and it builds beautifully which is an area of great importance this season. The other, again going into this season is making sure that you have even natural, glowing skin and in order to achieve that, in makeup, of course you should always be achieving great skin care but for achieving it in makeup I have a product called the Luminizer Pen. Use it to strategically put points of light, giving that glow to the upper cheekbone, around the eye area, around the pout of the lip, mixing a little bit of the Luminizer with skin foundation which gives you the most natural finish on your skin but still covers the imperfections. Then your skin will look natural, but will have that radiance from underneath which is what you want to see in skin for this season.

CM: What is next on the horizon for the Trish McEvoy line?

TM: Oh my gosh, there is so much always on the horizon but what we have to look forward to immediately going into last minute holiday countdown and December is a fragrance set I will be releasing called The Wings of Love and Sexy Four, two fragrances and a wonderful cuff to wear that has the wings etched into a heart. We just started shipping to all the stores now a collection called ‘The Voyager Collection” which is tiny and can fit into the palm of your hand and there is a complete palette of makeup inside with the brushes you would need.

CM: Well Charleston love's you and will be celebrating the launch of this lip color for LAS in your honor. Is there anything you would like to say to your Charleston fans?

TM: I love you I love you I love you is what I want to say to my Charleston fans. I adore them-absolutely adore them! My Charleston ladies from young to older just represent my makeup so well!

Don't miss the Gorgeous Red Lip Color, One Color One Cause, Launch Party this Tuesday, November 17th at Social Wine Bar Hosted by Trish McEvoy's internationally trained Beauty Guru Andrew Petersen & yours truly! Spaced Invaders will be providing the tunes and of course there will be food and wine specials throughout the evening. This is a great opportunity to receive personalized beauty consultations by Cosmetic Artists from Trish McEvoy and chances to win autographed copies of Trish McEvoy's lavishly illustrated book The Power of Makeup. Even more surprises will be in store so don't miss this celebration for an amazing cause, Lowcountry AIDS Services! Giving is the ultimate glamour! See you there!