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Regardless of some of her past controversial antics and in-your-face attitude, Nicole Richie has blossomed as a celebrity style maven! She ranks high on my list of trendsetters! Now she is emerging even more as a designer with the debut of her new jewelry collection House of Harlow 1960!

The good news is that Richie's new jewelry line is now sold locally at II Brunettes in Mt. Pleasant's Belle Hall! For those of you who listen to me on Fashion Friday with 2 girls and a guy on 95sx, you already know how amazing this collection is as you have heard me sing praises over her "must-have" pieces! The House of Harlow 1960 Jewelry Collection , named after her first child, is already a coveted line featuring 35 pieces that include everything from rings, bracelets and necklaces to headbands all worn by Richie herself! Stop over to II Brunettes and get your hands on this sure-to-sell-out stunning celeb jewelry collection!

I have about two fingers left on my heavily adorned hands that are screaming for one of her oversized rings!