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Charleston's design community will never cease to amaze me. This past month local designer and vintage broker Julie Wheat, learned that she would be taking her collection, Cavortress on the road as a contestant in Project:Design during St. Louis Fashion Week taking place next week! Her selection was not only due to her design skills but also is a direct result of online voting which secured her spot in the final round of the competition. Cavortress will be the only clothing line showing in this category from South of the Mason Dixon Line! Get to know more about the designer through this fun fill-in-the-blank Q&A!

I named my collection Cavortress because it sounded good and has a much greater meaning.

The name came to me when thinking about my third grade English teacher and how she scolded my friends and I for 'cavorting'.

My design aesthetic is vintage inspired, girly, cute, classy, sexy, fun, and with a focus on fantastic fabrics and flattering simple cuts  and I always have at least one girl in mind who would wear a Cavortress piece when I design it.

My personal closet is full of No brown.  Lots of black.  Ruffles.  Pleats.  Eyelet.  Fur.  Leather.  Silk.  Sequins. Houndstooth. Leopard. Pawn shop jewelry.  Black and red, boots and sandals.  Too many swimsuits and winter coats.  Never enough vintage.

The clothing item most representative of my personality is a leather jacket because it can handle a variety of rough weather, yet remain stylish.

If I could steal clothes from anyone's closet it would be  (I would love to borrow from) Princess Di, Gwen Stefani, or Paris Hilton.
My inspiration wall is filled with I don't have one.

When I shop for vintage I always start with  it depends on the store, but usually dresses or handbags, sometimes black tank tops if I'm in a mood.

As a designer I am looking to  have a nationally recognized brand and vintage resale business in the next three years and continue being an educator.

When I think about being a finalist in the SLFW design competition I  get extremely excited and a little nervous since I have never been and  don't know a soul there.  I'm looking forward to getting to know the city, it's people, and sharing Cavortress with the fashion community in St. Louis!

I am going to show SLFW that Charleston is becoming a large part of the fashion community here in the USA, if not already the fashion capital of The South. I am very much looking forward to representing the Lowcountry.

I'm super excited to meet new people and get feedback/see peoples' reaction about Cavortress when I show my collection at SLFW

I would describe Charleston's fashion scene as burgeoning, fun, and supportive.

The best fashion advice I've heard was 'nothing looks nicer than a black shirt with a little bit of white near the collar, whether it be pearls, a scarf, or a blouse' told to me by my Grandma Coulter.

Photos by Cyle Suesz



Emerging Designers don't miss the next big opportunity to showcase your Fall collection and win big! Apply now through October 18th for Charleston Fashion Week's Emerging Design Competition: East (EDC:E) open to  residents of Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia. EDC:E will award one lucky winning designer with a prize package valued at more than $30,000 to include; a $20,000 website from F22 Designs, a free runway show in Charleston Fashion Week® 2012, a booth at the AmericasMart® Atlanta Apparel Market 2011, $2,500 in promotional and branding materials and services from Vapor Apparel,  one piece of the winning designers choice will be featured on Runway Passports Online Boutique,  plus a $5,000 cash prize. The People’s Choice winner will receive a Bernina 330 sewing machine, valued at $1,400 compliments of Fashion Fabrics. Former Emerging Designer Competition winner, Marysia Dobrzanska Reeves whose swimwear/resort line MARYSIA now graces the pages of VOGUE and ELLE, and most recently has been picked up by BARNEY’s, acknowledges the competition as a catalyst in her success, "Winning and being part of the Charleston Fashion Week® 2009 Emerging Designer Competition was an important springboard for my career. The experience of getting a collection ready for the runway, as well as producing a show was instrumental in preparing me for and giving me confidence to present during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.”

For more info and to apply visit!