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A look by Kimberly Hines


A Fashion Show took over the City Gallery Saturday night with such success that it was a sold out event!  This "non-traditional" presentation delivered looks from local designers, Kimberly Hines, Erin Perkins, Margaret Chandler, Heather Koonse (event organizer), Shelley Smith and Michael Weirnicki (CFW Emerging Designer). What I loved about the show can be summed up in one word - innovation! For example -  I had a total out of body experience when I saw the sculptural fashions of Shelley Smith!  Another highlight was Heather Koonse presentation using dancers who stirred the senses with great tunes and movements. The only bummer was the seating in which case after sitting upstairs I realized that downstairs was having the most fun based on the cheers, whistles and applause. Note to self: Call to confirm in advance reserved media seating!  Still, I managed to catch a few video and photo highlights. Watch to see why I sing the praises of these designers and don't forget to check out the gallery of images from this show!