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I truly love to see a success story! When I heard that my former intern (and House of Sage pioneer), Danielle Garrow, had not only become a new mother but also joined forces with HALF United - I was stoked! When we reunited I asked her about this venture and was proud to hear her say that she simply wanted to work in fashion but for a cause. That really sums up the mission behind this label. HALF Untied states "We are a clothing company fighting global hunger." This means every time you purchase a HALF product you feed a child in need. Yes it's that simple.

Founder , Carmin Black, comes from an extensive background that includes traveling the country with Tom's shoes, known for there charitable model of buy one shoe and they donate one shoe to a child in need. This inspired her to create a clothing company with her brother Christian that would use a similar model to feed a global hunger for children. Brilliant! She is my Shero!

So enters Danielle. Who has now designed a shirt for the cause! This story just gets better and better! 

So now you know a little of the back story and I'm sure you are now just itching to get involved! Watch this video for more details on what HALF United is all about and I'm sure you will be sold! Fashion for a cause is the height of glamour! 



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