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POP UP SHOP defined: (pop-up-shop) - *noun* - restaurants, clubs and shops that spring up in unexpected locations, cause a storms of enthusiasm and disappear just before the next big thing.

This genre of boutiques are one of the most popular anticipated events mainly amongst New York and Cali fashionistas! Think sample sale on steroids!


I was so thrilled and proud to find out that Charleston Fashion Week Emerging Designer Finalist and Troubadour designer, Lindsey Carter has put together an amazing Pop-Up Shop collaboration located at 501 King Street! This is your opportunity to pick up unique (local) designer pieces in one shop for a limited time. This collaborative effort will launch on Thursday May 21st during the kick off party from 4 - 8pm. This special boutique will remain open until June 22nd. Here is the rundown of participants: Carter Humphrey, Clewis Reid, Julie Wheat Designs, Kate Long Stevenson, Library Archives Of Fashion, Proud Mary, Ross Kenan Interiors, Theodosia, and of course Troubadour!

Kate Long Stevenson

I asked Lindsey about the process of putting this all together and she explains, "Actually it took shape from a lot of different places. We had done pop up shops in New York when I designed at J Crew/Madewell to test product; essentially to see if it was in enough demand so the store could stand alone.  So in that sense it by no means is something I invented, just a concept I knew about from my NYC days.  Also, my office is on Upper King..and I am surrounded by empty storefronts.  The economy being what it is I figured realtors might be willing to let places go for one month just to have cash and bring traffic. So I started calling around just to see what realtors would say and was also putting together a list of potential artists and designers that might want to be involved to make it a boutique feel, but making it only local businesses to support local. Honestly none of the artists/designers/businessowners said no! So it sort of organically grew over the past 3 weeks." I think this a fresh approach (not visited on such a scale since the Stella Nova Co-Op days) for our shifting fashion and design community. Even with the economy and retail on the decline I have truly seen an increase in the creativity and celebration of Charleston Style. Fashion is in the air! With the emergence of the Style Swap ( and now the Pop-Up Shop I am totally in the zone! Hello fashion coma!

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