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I love fashion forecasting and trend tracking! It is the base of my existence as a fashion expert! I also have the belief that at the end of the day women dress for other women more so than men! In other words, we dress to impress or out dress I should say, the other ladies in the room even if it kills us.

(Hey, we have all worn two hour shoes because they look amazing!) This made me wonder ...what do the men think about our myriad fashion choices? So I recruited a few of my notable male Facebook friends and presented three summer trends to see if they thought they were hot or not!


Burberry Prorsum

"When I see socks inside a pair of shoes designed to show off a woman's foot - I get a very distinct gut reaction: allergies, psoriasis maybe, at least some type of medical disorder that demands a foot wrap to stop said disorder from spreading. And that sucks the sex appeal out of me like a pin to a balloon."

- Tim Hussey, Artist/Photographer



"The idea that women are trying to evoke the days of Daisy Duke and her gorgeous gams in a pair of those signature shorts is, well, endearing at best. Cut off denim shorts are meant to do two things: give the wearer comfort in the hotter months and show off all that work that was put in at the gym months prior. I believe the look falls short when women, whether too skinny or too "blessed", fail to realize their body's sartorial shortcomings."

-Brian J. Wilder, Freelance Writer


Helmut Lang

"Gothic meets formal is not my style!  Too baggy! I like to see the curves of a woman!"

- Mike Elder, owner of Eye Level Art Gallery