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April 2017
From their downtown single house and courtyard garden, Monica and Ken Seeger adopt an inclusive entertaining policy

March 2017
What’s happening this month?

February 2017
One of the few forest creatures regularly spied by city- and suburb-dwellers today, the white-tailed deer—the official...

January 2017
15 Beaufain St. (843) 212-0920

October 2016
What's happening this month

May 2016

March 2016
Dying to bring some spring vibrance to the wintery landscape? Start with a brightly blooming mailbox planter

August 2015
Local tastemakers revive the centuries-old trend of drinking vinegars

February 2015
In February, this cold-hardy evergreen shrub or tree fills gardens of the Lowcountry with a welcome blaze of color,...

January 2015
40 Ideas to Better Yourself—and Your City—in 2015

June 2014
When it comes to these showy bloomers, options abound. Pick the hydrangea variety that will thrive in your green space.

Add a pop of tropical color with this blooming evergreen shrub  

From fast-growing vines to tabletop trees, the Ficus genus offers a variety of foliage styles, whether grown indoors or...

October 2013
Enjoy evergreen foliage, fall flowers, and even a caffeinated tea from this lesser-known camellia  

August 2013
Under cover of a handful of oaks, self-taught gardener Tommy Peters creates a cool garden hideaway

April 2013

January 2013

June 2012
A pair of antiques importers keep their cool in an early-1900s beach cottage filled with sturdy European finds

November 2011
These winter bloomers go sunny side up as temperatures dip

June 2011
The season equals serpents to one transplanted Northern

April 2011
One man’s ongoing battle for yard improvement

June 2010
Dig into North Carolina’s artisanal roots for inspired indoor and outdoor living

April 2007
In the town of Bishopville, South Carolina, on three acres of former cornfields, one extraordinary man has planted and...

April 2010
Artistic gardeners discover Zen and the art of backyard maintenance

April 2010
Remembrances from a year spent gathering and arranging the floral bounty of Lowcountry gardens—adapted from Southern...

April 2009
Priceless antique prints showcase a sampling of the flora that put our city on the botanical map—specimens that still...

March 2009
Gussying up your homefront doesn’t have to be an over-priced overhaul left to next season (or the next); Scott Parker...