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Origin: A Culinary Evolution

October 27, 2016

The Party: Part of the first annual Charleston Arts Festival, this collaborative dinner featured music, dance, prose, and narration in addition to a three-course meal prepared by a team—led by Jason Stanhope and Jayce McConnell—of Holy City food and bev all-stars. Themes of evolution were incorporated into every aspect of the event, from the meal, which evolved from a first course of Charleston fruits de mer (ocean) to John’s Island vegetables (land) to crispy suckling pig (fire) to performances by contemporary dance company Movement Union, Charleston poet laureate Marcus Amaker, and PURE Theatre’s Joy Vandervort-Cobb. 

Highlight: The melding of so many artistic mediums could have been overwhelming, but the elements balanced each other perfectly, keeping the audience enthralled for the duration of the event. 

Overheard: ”This truly is a feast for all the senses!”