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Charleston Wine + Food Ticket Launch Party: Grand Slam Jam

September 15, 2016

The Party: Charleston Wine + Food kicked off its 11th year with the 2017 Ticket Launch Party: Grand Slam Jam. This year’s festivities took place at the Citadel’s College Park Field and featured a series of chefs who promoted their restaurants and their cooking styles with a baseball-themed flair. The event saw such noteworthy ballpark dishes as Emily Hahn’s take on a classic Chicago dog, Josh Shea’s play on a Kentucky hot brown, and Kevin Johnson’s spicy Greek nachos. One standout crowd pleaser was Kelly Chu’s Cirsea craft ice cream selection: a sweet cream ice cream with black truffle cheese bits and a strawberry swirl. Between bites, guests chose from a variety of beverages, including a selection of local craft beers, cocktails, and John Aquino’s ”frosé”—a frozen rosé. The performers, a 1980s cover band aptly called the Spazmatics, set the tone with a list of upbeat classics that got everyone up and dancing. 

Highlights: Swig and Swine entertained the crowd with a game they call “Pass the Pigs.” Unfortunately, the pigs went missing by the end of night.

Overheard: Guest: “A Greek nacho situation? I like it!” Kevin Johnson: “It’s the least refined thing I’ve ever made.”

Beneficiary: Charleston Wine + Food