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Check out this charming cottage on Sullivan's--it's going to make a great story!

I scouted a fantastic house on Sullivan’s last week and wanted to share a peek at my find. I met designer Beau Clowney at a residence he finished this summer for a fantastic couple you've met before. We featured Michael and Alison’s former house South of Broad downtown a couple of years ago—it was a handsome 1920s residence filled with a good mix of fantastic antiques and contemporary fittings.

Here, they’ve taken a similar approach, blending the existing cottage (albeit a revamped version of it) with a new addition that stretches out off the back in a kind of New England-meets-Lowcountry living quarters. There’s much more to it, but we’ve got to save it for the real story, coming in 2011. For now, here’s a peek. 

Exterior: You know how Sullivan's houses properties often stretch the width of the block? This is a view of the "back" of the house, which is one of my favorite aspects. Fantastic rooflines, whitewashed shutters, and steps that lead right up to what else but a mudroom.

Family Room: This cozy spot is in the original wing of the house, which doubles as a guest cottage. 

Dining room: It's an intimate corridor (and perhaps homework spot) bordered on both sides by windows that overlook a pair of gardens. I like the idea of family dinners without distractions.

Main living area: The wide-open room is outfitted with a larger dining table used mostly for entertaining, a comfy sitting area, and kitchen. 

Sleeping loft: I love this. The more twin beds you can cram into a beachy guest bedroom, the better. This room too is part of the original cottage.