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Check out this 50% off sale! Staci Ranew of Imagine Interiors is clearing out her inventory at her I'On shop--definitely worth a peek! She's got an incredible eye and always has great chairs, tables, and accessories. Here's a quick peek into her shop:

She's at 353 North Shelmore Blvd., Mt. Pleasant; (843) 352-4010; Sale is now through Saturday. Plus, keep an eye out for more from Ranew in 2011. We had lunch last week and she let me in on some really exciting developments with her brand, Imagine Interiors; we'll bring you all the info next year.

I'm telling you, folks. NOW is the time to shop for home goods, and probably into the early part of the new year. I'm seeing sales virtually everywhere I go around town, particularly in the boutiques and independent stores. And please, let me know of anything you happen upon. Let's get the word out about good deals all over the Lowcountry.