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How about this for a (much-needed) exercise in nonpartisan politics?

The president's new oval office makeover is all the buzz today, and as a design editor, I couldn't wait to have a look. At first, I thought it looked a little boring but I think it's growing on me. It's very cohesive and serene, which is smart. No need for added chaos in a place like that...

Here's another shot:

As soon as I found these photos, I went digging for a good "before."

Here it is: Obama's first day in office, with the George W. Bush's furnishings.

Then I found this page at's a little disorganized, but in case you're interested, it's a fun look at oval office design through the years. Check it out and better yet, let me know if you have a favorite. I'm going to go with Reagan's (which, incidentally, appeared in Architectural Digest, I believe) and Ford's isn't too shabby either (for some reason, I dig his striped sofas). Clinton's office looks pretty presidential, which is important too. What do you think?