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One of our designers came in with these clever little party pops last week. Her friend and Charleston Home reader, Tiffany Hogue, made them for a Yuletide gathering. (That's assistant art director Julie's son Mack in the thumbnail photo enjoying the heck out of his new gig as a "cake pop model"). 


But that's Tiffany (above left) with her sister Kimberly Holmes, who she credits for introducing the treats. They're basically cake "balls" (a cake/frosting mix) decorated with candy coating and other fun little embellishments on a lollipop stick.  

Want to try it out? Tiffany and Kimberly got the idea from Angie Dudley's cookbook Cake Pops by Bakerella (Chronicle Books, 2010), along with her blog, In both, she details her adventures with all forms of the treat, including Easter and Halloween designs. A suggestion: Although her blog had a ton of great ideas, I couldn't find the same basic starter recipe there that I found in the book. Plus, the book is neatly organized with techniques and troubleshooting tips to perfect the project, so if you're up for this project, I'd pick up the book. It's worth it.

Check out this link for more pics.

Thumbnail photo by Julie Wood
Top photo by Jenna Moore
Bottom two images courtesy of Tiffany Hogue