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While shooting a house for Charleston mag’s August issue on Seabrook yesterday (stay tuned to my July posts for a behind-the-scenes look at that photo shoot... tidal creeks and charming kids and a very personal, functional house all wrapped into one), we were able to sneak away for a few minutes to nearby Rosebank Farms, the open-air market on Bohicket Road. Certainly the Johns Island mainstay has a near year-round draw, with its seafood stand and berry jams and garden-grown produce. Oh, and the chickens that peck around the parking lot and wherever else they please. But right now, the place is at its blooming best. The flower field is in full bloom, and I feel obligated to add that the sight of those rose and hydrangea bushes from the road will nearly land you in the ditch. Reds, pinks, blues, and purples shoot out from long rows of plantings and seem to go on forever...

Kings’ Market on Edisto, too! I haven’t been in recent weeks, but you’ll likely find a similar scene there—I was there this time of year last year and got a chance to walk the flower fields, row by row. (Quickly—a summer storm was rolling in, which at first added to the energy and mystery of it all. But that soon passed and I high-tailed it to the car.)

Here’s a thought: Why not take a break from whatever you’ve got bearing down right now and head out to Rosebank Farms or Kings’ Market for a walk through the flower fields? Everybody needs to press the reset button every now and then, and this is as inspiring as any field trip I can think of. (Quick sidenote: Growing up, my mom—mother of five—would call a rare time-out and go for a solo drive. Her destination? The McDonald’s 15 minutes down the interstate for a hot fudge sundae. I guess that works, too.)

Enjoy the pics!

Rosebank Farms
4455 Betsy Kerrison Parkway
Johns Island
(843) 768-0508;

King's Market
2559 Highway 174, 
Edisto Island
(843) 869-3600;