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Scouting Report

April showers bring chances to take your new rain boots out on the tow

Watches saw a revival on this year’s runways, meaning it’s the perfect time to invest in new arm candy of your own. For women, bracelet-style chains, ceramic faces, and eye-catching leather bands

Buckle, zip, fasten, loop, and tie on belts spanning from wide to skinny, suede to silk—most anything with intriguing texture

Shoe styles (like loafers, brogues, and oxfords) have found firm footing this season.

As the air fills with the heady scent of spring blooms, so too floral perfumes are sprouting up.


Charleston’s winters may have nothing on our Northern neighbors’, but hey, all those oyster roasts and outdoor fêtes can get downright chilly without the right attire. To keep you toasty, we rounded up some of the city’s best knit hats.

A man can count on a handsome watch to elevate any ensemble.

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