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September 2011

Role of a Lifetime
Written By: 
Victoria Friedman

How one Lowcountry couple met on set...and stumbled into happily ever after

When Tiffany—a tall, dark beauty without a minute of modeling or acting experience—reluctantly agreed to pose as a bride in a commercial for her friend (and one-time owner of a local bridal shop), little did she know that she’d meet her real-life husband-to-be. On camera. In front of a film crew. In a wedding gown.

Here’s how it happened: Back in 2008, Tiffany drove from Mount Pleasant to Myrtle Beach, where the filming was to take place. Upon arrival, she was hustled into her gown and prepared to meet her “husband”—another amateur volunteer.

“He was so cute!” Tiffany remembers of the moment she first saw her handsome “groom,” Matt Midkiff. But she didn’t let Matt’s good looks distract her from the task at hand. Casting nerves aside, she focused on acting the part, that is, walking hand in hand with Matt, twirling about, and even kissing.  “I think he kept messing up the takes on purpose to keep kissing over and over,” Tiffany laughs. “He hit on me the entire taping!” she says. “But I could have cared less because I was so focused on the shoot.”

After both had changed back into their civilian clothing, Matt asked Tiffany for her number, and promptly called her for a real date. Together since then, Matt proposed last December while they were at her family’s vacation home on Truluck Island, near Folly.

Wedding bells will ring for them January 21, 2012 at Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Church, and they’ll host a reception at Alhambra Hall. After all, they already had their beach wedding.

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