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Hit the Sauce

August 2012
Hit the Sauce
A Georgetown family dishes up an award-winning Creole recipe with Carolina flavor

The Luquires of Georgetown have kept their secret family recipe simmering in the kitchen since 1963. But thankfully for us, in May 2011 they decided to share, bringing their tomato-based Carolina Creole sauce to grocery and gourmet stores throughout the Southeast.

Luquire matriarch Josephine crafted the sauce—best served with shrimp and rice, but also good with chicken, veggies, or sausage. “She wanted to create a dish true to her French Creole heritage, but not as hot as you’d find in preparations peppered throughout Louisiana,” says her son, Jason. “It has what we call ‘Carolina sweetness’.”

Sweet and fresh, that is. The sauce keeps its homemade taste even in the jar thanks to small 250-gallon batches. And the flavor isn’t going unnoticed. In April, the Luquires won a Silver Finalist Sofi Award—the “Oscars of the food industry.” Says Jason, “The silver is highly sought after, so we’re tickled.” But the family remains ambitious. Josephine’s grandkids are already planning the company’s future. Lucas, 14, told his teachers he’s going to be CEO of Luquire Family Foods, which makes his grandma smile, saying,  “We’re just a family business that’s starting to get a bit of attention.”