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June 2008

Displaying Your Art Collection (Tips from Designer Muffie Faith)

Muffie’s tips for displaying your art collection

“Buy what you love,” advises Muffie, a longtime collector. “You’re drawn to a painting for a reason. If it’s the color, then make certain the colors around it accent it, not overpower it. Is it powerful? Then give it space. Art will lead you to the best spot for it, and don’t shy away from the not-so-obvious spots. I have a great painting across from my laundry room, so I get to enjoy it a lot.” Keep in Mind:

  • Pictures can be hung lower than you think.
  • Collections can be grouped, letting pieces play off each other, for example oils with black-and-white photos (note: frames must blend and complement).
  • And yes, she admits, “Sometimes you choose a painting because it matches a certain fabric, but nobody has to know that.”