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March 2009

Create Vintage Tin Flower Arrangements

Spring’s abundance of greenery needn’t be confined to your stock of everyday vases. An old tin—dug from kitchen cabinets or turned up at a secondhand shop—makes a cheerful match for a monochromatic bouquet. To avoid rust and leaking, fit a watertight container inside the tin or line it with foil. Squat tins will require you to cut stems short; hold them in place with floral foam soaked in water overnight. For taller containers, simply tie a handful of stems together and drop them in. Here are a few pairings we love: 1. Green spider mums make a bright companion for the cool hues of an oyster tin. 2. Fralinger’s saltwater taffy logo brings the formality of red roses down a notch. 3. A coffee tin saves spray roses from appearing too dainty. 4. Candy cane stripes call attention to the touchable texture of sweet William ‘Green Trick.’