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The Charleston Profile

  • A local company is elevating cornhole to an all-new level
  • Millford Plantation celebrates its 175th anniversary with a string of special events 
  • One sure-fire way to up the luxe factor in a master bath? Treat it like any other room. For this look, interior designer Ginger Brewton further elevated gilded fixtures and a shapely soaking tub with... Read More
  • A farm-to-doorstep spin on weekly CSAs
  • A Big Apple transplant reflects on the luxury of small-city living in her new Southern home
  • Luxurious home and fashion accessories for fall
  • A glimpse at a bustling, early 20th-century Charleston
  • Whether they sampled from a rare and valuable bottle, or it was the company with whom they imbibed that made the occasion so special, five area sommeliers share their stories 
  • This graceful member of the heron family (Egretta thula) is distinguished from other tall white wading birds by its bright yellow feet and the flourish of long, flowing plumes that show during... Read More
  • This fall, what’s old is new again. Spot trends that nod to the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s making appearances in contemporary ensembles, photographed at The Inn at Middleton Place
  • We took autumn menswear tips from the Canali runway, easing into the season with a handsome pairing of warm rust and copper tones set off by a crisp white button-up
  • “They say we’re a dying breed,” says fourth-generation shrimper Franklin Rector. “That’s nowhere near true. Every year there’s a new boat on the creek. What’... Read More
  • Meet Indaco's new executive chef
  • Tina Hirsig creates space for her own artistic practice despite a hectic schedule as wife, mom, and teacher
  • Right now, tassels are bringing color, texture, and movement to everything from dresses to sandals to handbags, but we’re especially obsessed with all the earrings we’re finding around... Read More
  • With help from designer Cortney Bishop, a pair of Chicago transplants bring low-maintenance sophistication to a South of Broad townhome
  • 513 King St. (843) 641-0821
  • Edendriver, created by late boat designer Seph Limehouse, makes its debut