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The Charleston Profile

  • Our taste-and-tell guide to some of the latest food and beverage openings in Charleston
  • Swurfer inventor Rob Bertschy risked nearly everything, and it’s paying off 
  • What’s happening this month?
  • Turmeric, a staple spice in Asian cuisine, adds color and flavor to local dishes
  • Get the scoop on Slow Food Charleston, serving up its Snail Awards on April 13
  • A romance—and an album—years in the making formally debuted in February. Here, get to know country duo Sally & George
  • Chatting with the crazy-successful Gal Meets Glam blogger, who moved last fall from San Francisco to the Old Village with her husband, and photographer, Thomas
  • Following the crumbs of the avocado toast craze, gussied up slices are making hot additions to menus across the city
  • The stout, cinnamon-colored bird officially dubbed Thryothorus ludovicianus is a year-round Lowcountry resident—a native of forests, thickets, and cypress swamps who’s adapted to... Read More
  • Ranky Tanky aims to share its contemporary expression of Gullah music ’round the globe
  • Ask an Expert: What is this weed (see photo) taking over my garden, and how can I control it?
  • Picky eating inspires culinary creativity for Caviar & Bananas founders Margaret and Kris Furniss
  • Illustrator Daniel Velasco combines his passion for haute couture with a knack for pen, paint, and pad 
  • Sporty-but-spicy sneakers for your warm-weather wardrobe
  • Mega-selling author Bernard Cornwell proves the pen is at least as mighty as the sword
  • 492 King St. (843) 203-6338
  • Meet Katie Walters, the fashionista, philanthropist, and mother of five (soon to be six!) heading up a socially conscious clothing line
  • Discover new must-haves for your home and wardrobe
  • What’s happening this month?
  • Get Sunday-night dinner in the bag with Low Country Bodega’s local meal kits