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November 2014

Backyard Surfer
WRITTEN BY: Stratton Lawrence
PHOTOGRAPHS BY: Brook Bertschy

Locals redesign the classic swing

When Rob and Brook Bertschy’s twins, Royce and Owen, were two years old, they desperately wanted to surf. But “they couldn’t even swim,” laughs Rob. Determined not to disappoint, he crafted a curved wooden balance board that the entire family could enjoy training on—and playing with.

The next step? Adding rope and handles to convert the board into a swing. Standing atop The Swurfer, you can carve through the air almost as though you’re surfing, and when sitting, it’s easy to self-propel without a push.

Although Swurfers have only been available since August, the Bertschys are already shipping them to toy stores from Dallas to Portland. Locally, they’re available at Wonder Works and