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  • Don’t miss Carolina Custom Canoe Paddles at SEWE  
  • Rose & Twill quilts for a modern generation
  • Multimedia artist Fletcher Williams III on Charleston, what fuels his work, and what’s next for his career  
  • Acclaimed Southern actress Samille Basler has spent two decades in Charleston theaters
  • The Charleston Christmas Special turns 20
  • Portraitist Molly B. Right transforms vintage bottle caps into dazzling works of art
  • The Columbia Museum of Art exhibits a local twist to Georgia O’Keeffe’s story  
  • The High Divers debut Riverlust
  • Attorney-turned-celebrated-conductor Ken Lam takes the helm of the Charleston Symphony Orchestra
  • A new woodworking school carries on a traditional art  
  • Local fave Brave Baby releases a sophomore album
  • In his new multimedia poetry book, Mantra, Marcus Amaker explores his own “truths,” inviting readers to follow suit
  • Using a system of her own invention, Elizabeth Calcote block prints biographically inspired patterns onto silk accessories  
  • A local expert’s new release will have kids building and pretending, drawing and dancing
  • Join the conversation at the Arts Matter Mayoral Summit  
  • Whether creating fine art sculptures or in-demand tableware, Fiorenzo Berardozzi trusts in the beauty of wabi sabi  
  • Catch up on 30 years of reading with Art & Craft
  • Artists have made an indelible impact on the culture of the Holy City, from European-born portraitists who brought their skills to the fledgling colony to painters documenting epic battles of the... Read More
  • This month, musical theater sweetheart Mary Fishburne takes the stage in not one, but three local productions
  • Local boys Heyrocco deliver 10 songs of angsty ear candy on their first LP