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Arts Profile

Begin the Begin: Painter Tim Hussey’s mid-career retrospective

A 1950s fashion illustrator captured an American style era

Julia Cart preserves our natural and cultural legacy with black-and-white photographs evocative of a period long past

Painter and gallery owner Lese Corrigan makes her life’s work celebrating Charleston

Painter Nathan Durfee translates universal human
experiences into his own vibrant reality

For Eva Carter, each big, bold abstract painting is a journey that calls for decision-making, risk-taking, and some free fall

Guiding Light: Johnson Hagood captures disappearing elements of the South

Corroded metals on sunken ships and drawings on ancient walls inspire Paul Mardikian’s abstract paintings

When Kristy Bishop traded her paintbrush for needle and thread, she unbound the abstract artist within

In his successful second career, Fred Jamar paints vibrant and otherworldly pictures of Charleston

Photographer John Michiels seeks beauty in the Lowcountry

Teil Duncan’s painting career is off to a luminous start

Shannon Runquist celebrates the small moments in nostalgic vignettes

Bill Long sculpts salvaged Lowcountry wood into organic modern furnishings

Oil painter Charles Williams shares the story behind his latest series

William McCullough seeks to paint true images of his homeland

Karen Weihs turns Carolina landscapes into vibrant abstracts

Charles Ailstock searches for his next artistic passion

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