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Chase After a Cure

Chase After a Cure is a non profit organization where all proceeds go directly to the MUSC Children's Hospital Cancer Research Center.

Chase After a Cure is a Non Profit Corporation dedicated to children's cancer research.  We are a group of volunteers lead by the Ringler Family who have committed their time and efforts to raise money and awareness for Neuroblastoma.   One problem all childhood cancer patients face is the lack of money for research. We are thankful there are not more children diagnosed with cancer. However, the relatively low number of diagnoses means that finding new treatments for childhood cancer are not profitable for drug companies.  Neuroblastoma is an "orphan" cancer; pharmaceutical companies are not developing new treatments because there is not a large enough patient base to make development profitable. Funding from the government is similarly limited. Time is running out for many of our children -- money stands between them and a cure.  How can you put a price on a child’s life…our children are our future.

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