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The Charleston Home

  • June 2013
  • May 2013

    For art connoisseurs and longtime collectors Michelle Van Parys and Mark Sloan, true style sets in through time and travel

  • May 2013
  • April 2013

    Leila and Buff Ross transform his childhood home on Sullivan's into an artful melding of past and present

  • March 2013

    A young builder takes on his own Riverland Terrace cottage with a one-man, room-by-room rehab

  • March 2013

    Benefitting the Charleston Symphony Orchestra

  • February 2013

    Seattle transplants awaken a sleepy creekside residence with a lively mix of tropical plants, crisp neutrals, and an abiding appreciation for life outdoors.

  • January 2013

    Jenny Sanford snaps up and streamlines an old beach cottage for the next chapter of just-right island life with her boys

  • December 2012

    Concrete, wood, glass, and steel headline one family’s sunny vacation home on the marsh

  • October 2012

    A Mount Pleasant pair swaps the hustle of suburban life for the hush of the rural Stono marsh

  • September 2012

    Architect Chris Rose finds a happy medium between contemporary cool and down-to-earth inviting

  • August 2012

    A homeowner-led dream team blows the doors off our coastal vernacular architecture with a mellow merging of Pacific ideals on Isle of Palms

  • July 2012

    Architect  Whitney Powers streamlines and simplifies her family’s 1970s brick dwelling with intuitive updates

  • June 2012

    A pair of antiques importers keep their cool in an early-1900s beach cottage filled with sturdy European finds

  • May 2012

    London transplants recast a sagging downtown house into an airy, liveable backdrop for contemporary art

  • March 2012

    Author and songwriter Carolyn Evans falls hard for a 19th-century gem that proves worth the wait

  • February 2012

    Throughout Charleston, the nuance and pull of history is palpable, like a sixth sense, a fifth dimension. It drapes around the city as if a mysterious swaddling cloth, both tangible and intangible, seen and unseen. It’s a thread that winds over and through and between everything, trailing down alleyways, along cobblestones, into piazzas, beneath oak groves, and sometimes even, it leads you home. At least it did for Susan and Trenholm Walker

  • November 2011

    Interior designer Cortney Bishop turns her love-at-first-sight “impulse buy” into inspired family digs filled with bold pairings and eclectic antiques

  • November 2011

    Renaissance gal Ann Ladson Stafford fills her North Central rental with smart DIY pieces, from redesigned lighting to refurbished furniture

  • November 2011
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