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Scouting Report

  • December 2012

     Be your own barista with these hot-shot coffee gadgets

  • October 2012

    Maximize your workout with these sporty accessories

  • August 2012

    Shape Shift: Update your interiors with the geometric trends

  • July 2012

    These cool rides promise to put a new spin on your summer adventures

  • June 2012

    Father’s Day gift buying’s a breeze with these locally made finds

  • March 2012

    Need new companions for your spring ensembles? Pair up with these studs

  • February 2012

    Wake-up winter spaces with fuchsia, a hot new home decor hue

  • January 2012

     Find historically inspired accessories at local museums and institutions

  • December 2011

    Add flavor in the kitchen with these sweet and spicy aprons

  • November 2011

    You’ll never miss a beat with these tech-savvy headphones

  • October 2011

    Rejuvenate with these natural skin care products

  • September 2011

    Precious metals and gemstones make these natural beauties shine

  • August 2011

    Slip into one of these statement bracelets for a look that packs punch

  • July 2011

    Every family needs a toss-it-all-in tote—find one to fit your brood’s style

  • June 2011

    Slip on some shimmer and shine with this fancy-free crew of summer flops

  • May 2011

    Five cool camera picks for capturing your summer adventures

  • April 2011

    This season’s waterproof jackets make a stylish splash

  • March 2011

    E-reader covers that express your style and personality

  • February 2011

    Honey-based products worth buzzing about

  • January 2011

    Discover the beauty of an organized jewelry box

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