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    What's in store for Charleston's International African American Museum

  • February 2014
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    It just might be the most unusual—and enjoyable—of all Charleston creations. 

  • October 2013

    On the banks of the Cooper River lies Magnolia Cemetery, or the Garden of the Dead, where ancient oaks drip moss over funerary sculptures and grand mausoleums honoring powerful Holy City families, hundreds of Confederate soldiers, even the Hunley heroes. On October 25, Historic Charleston Foundation leads a sunset Tour de Graves - here's a preview of six of the intriguing stops

  • October 2013

    Get in the spirit of All Hallow's Eve and head out to some of the Lowcountry’s spookiest spots. Supernatural occurrences around the Lowcountry are as abundant as the oysters along its salty channels. And hauntings come as no surprise in an old city that has witnessed its fair share of battles and crimes as well as disastrous acts of Mother Nature. From the well-preserved neighborhoods of the peninsula to the deeply storied plantations, remnants of energy from past lives and deaths still linger, says local ghost tour guide and author Geordie Buxton. Here, he shares some spirited stories from his books on Charleston’s haunted history, as well as phenomena recently collected for his newest release, Supernatural Charleston: A Holy City Requiem


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    The “glorious” homecoming of the 54th Massachusetts’ Sergeant Joseph H. Barquet

  • July 2013

    Charleston Hardware sells a myriad of lines of meticulous reproductions

  • July 2013

    A residence custom-designed for the Holy City and tailored over time to suit our climate and society to perfection: of all the things that make this town special, the Charleston single, one of downtown’s most prominent architectural styles, has got to be top-of-the-list. Find out why the homes face south and sideways and how “haint blue” and “northside manners” factor in.

  • June 2013

    The law says “lights out” during nesting season, but all things loggerhead are in the limelight as this beloved  yet threatened species mounts a comeback—we hope

  • May 2013

    The Preservation Society of Charleston rallies support around their 2013 list of “Seven to Save”

  • March 2013

    Can you imagine Charleston without ornamental wrought iron?

  • February 2013

    Grahame Long reveals a murderous side of Holy City history in Dueling in Charleston

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