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Gardening 101

  • July 2008

    From tropicals to aromatic herbs, we'll show you the plants that thrive beneath our brutal summer sun

  • June 2008

    Learn more about planting fig trees with tips from the Clemson Extension

  • March 2008

    Moss comes in handy for all variety of floral arrangements, not only for adding texture and color, but also for concealing floral foam and other practical elements.

  • March 2008

    Get the dirt on the City Greenhouse’s little-known community programs and volunteer opportunities

  • March 2008

    With vibrant cutting beds, seasonal veggies, and a host of DIY projects, Joan and Chad McDonald’s Wagener Terrace garden blends outside-the-box ingenuity with picture-perfect style

  • June 2007

    An emphasis on evergreen binds the rooms of a South Battery sanctuary, where a manicured front garden blends seamlessly with the lush tropical plantings around the bend.

  • Add a pop of tropical color with this blooming evergreen shrub

  • Plant this magnolia hybrid for an elegant harbinger of spring.

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