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Arthur Brouthers
Music Director

Arthur Brouthers has been the CFW Music Director for the past five years. With over 15 years of experience in the music industry, Arthur is an accomplished DJ who has mixed and compiled music for Charlotte’s NBA team (the Bobcats), NASCAR and Moto GP. He provides music consulting for various nationwide clients and was a liaison for Red Bull Music Academy for eight years. Born and raised in Charleston, Arthur now resides in Charlotte, North Carolina.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Today, anyone with $500 can buy a box of software and become a DJ.  A Performer like DJ SK, on the other hand, is of a dying breed—and there weren't many to begin with. For over a decade, the indefatigable performer has established some of the region’s most successful parties, championed a generation of local artists, and invested heavily in the musical culture in his community.

Born Jody Kimball, SK caught the DJ bug thanks to an unlikely scratch tutorial on Sesame Street. He acquired turntables soon after acquiring a driver's license, and was reared in hip-hop at its arguable precipice, gleaning mix-tape tutorials from prime-time tastemakers like Ron G and Tony Touch.

Behind the turntables, SK has shared the stage with the likes of the Wu-Tang Clan, KRS-One, and Common.

When SK is not DJing, he is often out and about, supporting his sprawling network of musical friends, who range from rockers to rappers, disc jockeys to jazzers.


DJ Forge
Wednesday, March 21, 2012
The title of DJ often comes with more responsibilities than the job description states. This is definitely the case for North Carolina’s DJ Forge who balances his time between working for clubs, creating mixtapes, and helping artists in addition to being a prominent producer.

Forge first established himself when he hosted his own radio mix show, Beneath the Surface, for two years at North Carolina State University’s station, WKNC 88.1 FM. Today he is the resident hip hop DJ for one of the Carolina’s most prestigious music venues, Cat’s Cradle and has opened shows for a long list of heavy hitters such as Clipse, KRS-One, Ghostface, Method Man, GZA, Bone Thugs, BCC, Brother Ali, Masta Ace, Souls of Mischief, Aceyalone, Little Brother, and many others. .

As far as producing is concerned, Forge has handled production duties on three mixtapes and one album for his former group, Forge & Amen, whose single reached #2 on national college radio charts.


DJ Sonar
Thursday, March 23,2012

Sonar has been an active part of Charleston Fashion Week since 2009. Each year, he combines his classic soul element with visuals that have given the turntable crew, The Spaced Invaders, a reputable name in the Lowcountry. For Charleston Fashion Week 2012, Sonar has taken on more of an artistic role and will provide custom visuals and video presentations for both the runway shows and the style lounge. Additionally, Sonar will be performing multiple funk and soul sets for the guests for Charleston Fashion Week and will be posting podcasts from the event to The Spaced Invaders popular iTunes podcast, The Stone Groove.


DJ Paradime
Friday, March 23, 2012

DJ Paradime was introduced to the art of deejaying in high school. What started off as a hobby using an old pair of belt driven Audiovox turntables quickly grew into a passion.

After starting off small he was able to upgrade his equipment and start practicing more and more complex battle routines which were strongly influenced by the X-Men and Invisble Scratch Piklz videos. DJ Paradime looked to DJ MC, DJ Flash (of Little Brother)and DJ Skillz as his mentors. Together they would practice scratching, beatjuggling and acrobatics.

Today, Paradime has more than five years of experience deejaying all across the U.S. in cities including Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago. He has deejayed the biggest Asian Student Association college parties with over 700 people in attendance.


Rocky Horror
Saturday, March 24

Charleston's own Rocky Horror first began DJing at the age of 15, nearly 11 years ago, and has played with such acts as Felix Cartal (Dim Mak Records) and Designer Drugs (Ultra Records).

His local headlining events include the Kulture Klash Arts Festival, Skinful, and Presents From Punks. He's played in countless cities along the east coast including Atlanta, Savannah, Richmond, Charlotte, and NYC. Rocky Horror's fist pounding electro-house style has taken a much softer turn in recent months with his latest project, Holy Blood, which features Georgian DJ, Joycette.

For the past nine months Rocky Horror has been working on his debut album, "May Day". The album will feature such locals as Rachel Kate Gillon (Shaniqua Brown), Joel T. Hamilton (The Working Title), and Righchus. Fashion Week will be one of Rocky Horror's final shows in Charleston, SC before he ships up to NYC to persue his music production career further.